Winner is…..Six Triple Eight!

Six Triple Eight by Mary McCallum (Black Girl Lost, SistaStyle Productions) made its first appearance in Tampa, FL at the second annual Tampa Bay Theatre Festival. The festival had six full length plays but I decided to attended only Six Triple Eight for my own biased reasons. It was an all female cast with a female director and it was based around historical (geek mode: history buff, right here) events.



My attention was quickly captured by the dynamic entrance of Felichia Chivaughn who played Major Clarissa Dixon swearing in the new privates of the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). As the play progressed Sammy who was played by college Tennessee State University junior Candace-Omnira Lafayette quickly progressed from the annoying, busy gnat to her fellow cast mates to the awkwardly charming audience favorite. The entire cast did a superb job bringing the characters to life to expose the struggles women, women of color, and blacks in general had to deal with in the 1940s who had optimistic views for wanting to fight for a country that did not fight for them.  Meleisha Edwards as Sadie the mysterious offender, Alicia Haymer as Cleopatra the Hollywood darling, Mary McCallum as Paige the motherly saint and Shawn Whitsell as Otis the charasmatic love interest. Mary McCallum’s dramatic breakdown of discovering heart wrenching news about her son was the emotional high point of the entire play.

The stale effect of the lighting and a few fumbles of wardrobe did not take away from the historical, educational, immensely entertaining and professional execution as a whole. There is no wonder that it won the top award of the Tampa Bay Theatre Festival.

See An Encore of the Performance at:

HCC Mainstage Theatre in Ybor City for only $10.00 at 7:30pm

Friday September 11, 2015

Saturday September 12, 2015

-Eboni Graham

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