TBBHF: Runway Fever.

TBBHF ….”Runway Fever” 2nd Annual Fashion Show

By: Eboni Graham

The cool October wind escorted the fall season into the Tampa Bay Area. I did not know what to expect when I arrived to the 2nd annual Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival fashion show. The fashion show is a continuation of the festivities from the January

Hat Design by Marcus

Hat Design by Marcus

2015 events and sets as an anchor to the upcoming events for 2016. It’s goal is to embrace the arts and bring attention to the local designers in the Tampa Bay Area. Connie Hicks and her team brought the temperature inside The Galleria at USF to an all time high! Cocktails and appetizers rotated throughout the night and the host for the evening, Ebone Cruz (The Tom Joyner Morning Show, #ONTHECRUZ) was a great moderator of the event with her humor and charming personality that kept the crowd engaged. All the local designers were amazing. I was most impressed by:

Elizabeth Carson Racker whose garments exuded the everyday woman.

Design by Elizabeth Carson Ra

Design by Elizabeth Carson Racker

It had comfortable styling that did not take away from the design. She has appeared in New York’s Fashion Week for 3 years. Her runway looks this evening took us from casual to evening. Her garments can be seen at her local store 14902 N Florida Ave Ste E Tampa.


Design By Pat McGhee

Pat Mcghee’s runway looks were decribed as Men’s Wear Persuasion. She told me that even though men wear the pants women still wear it better. It complimented a woman’s figure with men suits and styling. If every designer has a person in mind when they create their runway look I would definatly think that Janelle Monae was Ms. Mcghee’s muse. Check out more of her at www.audreypat.com


Design By Arielle Joseph

Arielle Joseph comes from Orlando and her designs focus only on the woman’s body. Minimalistic to its core without compromising on fashion.  It emphasizes essence of grace and simplicity.  Her runway looks embody all of that and more and I personally can’t wait to see more of what she offers. She has also appeared in New York’s Fashion Week.
Check out more of her at www.arij.co


For further information and all upcoming events related to Tampa Bay Black Heritage Festival 2016 check out www.tampablackheritage.com



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