ASO City Hunt

Are you ready for some fun this spring?! A way to discover the Tampa Bay Area in a new way around you whether you are a native, visitor or new resident. Think Amazon Race meets James Bond. We will take the fun of the scavenger hunt and combined it with our ever changing technology!

Date: TBD

Start Time/ Location: 11:00 am/TBD

End Time/Location: 1:00pm at Secret After Party Location



How It Works:

  1. All teams will receive a start email of instruction at the same time when the race starts.
  2. At each designated location there will be a food, physical or mental challenge while completing a To Do List throughout the race. The next clue is not given until the challenge is completed. (some clues may require out of pocket purchases)
  3. The race is timed and will have a first and second place cash winners.
  4. If by chance a team does give up you will still be emailed at the end time the location of the After Party.

The Rules:

    1. Teams are no more then five (5) people with one team captain who will be the person of contact during the race
    2. All team members must participate. Ages 18+ only
    3. Access to an email address is a must
    4. Refunds: (a) Full refunds are given if it’s within one week of purchase and NOT within two weeks of the scheduled event and/or Access Social One has to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances (b) Partial refunds (50%) are given back within two weeks after purchase up until the fourth week as long as it’s NOT within two weeks of the scheduled event. Click here
    5. Vendor/Sponsor Opportunity Click here

Race Includes:

  1. ASO City Hunt T-Shirt
  2. After Race After Party with a DJ, Food Trucks, and Vendors until 6pm.
  3. Cash Prize Winners: (a) First Place $250 (b) Second Place $100

More to come……

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